About Self Defence

 Self Defence and personal protection of you, your friends and family is a set of comprehensive programmes which increase your personal awareness, confidence, knowledge of yourself, your body & your energy system to increase your ability to detect potential threats and cope under pressure.


Prevent contact from happening
Keep clear, focused and calm if an attack does happen
Stay in control and think clearly until in a point of safety

Each of us is different in size, shape, personality, experience and agility so we work with you as an individual to make you the best you can be.

We provide:

Individual Sessions and Private Training

Workshops & Courses

Travel Safety & Working Abroad and Gap Year Safety Programmes

Children's Safety & Anti-Bullying Training and Training for Schools

Women's Safety

Specialist Security Training


Specialist Training Skills to help defend yourself in any situation - Increased Awareness - Improved Self Confidence - Higher Self Esteem - Stronger Physical Core - Better Balance - Agility

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